"If I see myself on screen, then I know I exist." 

-Gabourey Sidibe


Founded in 2011 as The Box Scene Project, Represent is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

Our MISSION is to reach equal media representation in film, television, and theater for the LGBT community, women, people of color, folks with disabilities, and all who live at the intersection of these identities.

Why Representation Matters

The media is our collective imagination. It reflects society and vice versa, acting as both a window to the world and a mirror reflecting who we are.  Unfortunately, current media images and messages do not reflect the diversity and complexity of humanity.

Due to lack of representational quality, our media often teaches that members of the LGBT* community, women, people of color, and/or folks with disabilities either do not exist or exist only in accordance with specific and often negative stereotypes. This lack of representation has not only been proven to be harmful to the self-esteem and self-worth of underrepresented groups, but also to create and reinforce, within the wider community, negative and prejudiced attitudes toward members of marginalized groups. 

We work to facilitate the entrance of underrepresented groups into the media arts and encourage and promote diverse media, characters, and actors. 





We believe that reaching equal media representation requires a four-pronged approach that includes

Education, Engagement, Guidance, and Creation.

Diverse talent is vital in front of the camera, on stage, in writing rooms, and director's chairs.


The financial burden of acting and/or film school and classes is a large hurdle for many diverse, aspiring media makers. That is why our school trains diverse, aspiring actors, screenwriters, & filmmakers & connects them with industry professionals & mentors, launching their careers completely FREE of charge to students. 

Are you an aspiring, diverse media maker?

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Diverse media needs promotion & support.


We mobilize supporters & add our voice to campaigns promoting & celebrating representative media. We also provide a platform for diverse media & creators via our film festival, RepFest, and convention, RepCon.

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When we know better, we do better.


We provide professional, experienced, and effective consulting to media makers, including studios, writers, and show runners, in order to assist & guide them in the creation of media that tells stories that represent the full human experience.

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The Board

Tamila Gresham

Founder, CEO


Becky Clark


Steven Lowery

Board Member


Maritza Perez

Board Member

Chelsea Woods

Board Member


Trevor Burton

Board Member