"I don't think it is bad for [filmmakers] to be challenged to think outside their boxes. ...I don't think it will reduce their work for them to think, 'What if I cast this person as a Latina?'"

- Constance Wu


The Entertainment Industry is changing...

More and more, audiences are making themselves heard when it comes to media representation, whether that be through a hashtag or with their dollars at the box office. Their voices are loud and clear: representation matters. People want to see stories as diverse as the people watching them. If studios, writers, and producers are to continue to be successful, they will need to listen and respond appropriately. 

No matter what stage of production your project is in, we offer professional, experienced, and effective consulting services so that the stories you tell can accurately and respectfully represent the diversity of your audience. 

We can help with your questions about casting choices, avoiding harmful stereotypes, including cultures different from your own, respectfully acknowledging & responding to controversy or criticism surrounding your project, etc. 


If you have questions about representation, we have answers.  Please contact us using the form below if you have inquiries or to schedule a consultation.

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